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Dec. 5, 2020

Afraid of Bones in the Basement and New Harmony

Afraid of Bones in the Basement and New Harmony

Author Joni Mayhan discusses her book "Bones in the Basement" about the SK Pierce Mansion and her new haunted digs in New Harmony, Indiana.

Author/Sensitive Joni Mayhan rejoins us for Part 2 ... and yes, she's still getting attachments! In episode 39, we explore "Bones in the Basement" at the SK Pierce Victorian Mansion and discuss New Harmony, Indiana -- Joni's current haunting grounds -- as well as some of Joni's favorite places for ghost hunting in Indiana, Massachusetts and New York.

Joni's books are available on Amazon and a few titles are also available on Audible (use the Afraid of Nothing promo code for a free 30 day trial and 2 free credits, then purchase Joni's audio books "The Hanover Haunting" and "Bones in the Basement").

Joni's website is jonimayhan.com.

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Joni MayhanProfile Photo

Joni Mayhan

Paranormal Investigator and Author

Search for the darkest, scariest places on the planet, and that’s where you’ll probably find Joni Mayhan. She’s a seasoned paranormal investigator and the author of twenty paranormal books, including the bestselling paranormal true story Bones in the Basement: Surviving the S.K. Pierce Haunted Victorian Mansion, as well as Signs of Spirits: When Loved Ones Visit. She also operates Haunted New Harmony Ghost Walks and Investigations in the town of New Harmony, Indiana, where she resides.

Her intrigue regarding the unknown frequently leads her into dangerous situations, ones others often leave untouched. Joni has attended over three-hundred paranormal investigations, including many haunted hotspots such as Waverly Hills Sanitarium, Rolling Hills Asylum, Gettysburg, and the Lizzy Borden House.