Afraid of Nothing Podcast

Afraid of Nothing Podcast

AFRAID OF NOTHING, based on the award-winning experimental documentary, explores life and the afterlife through the lens of shamans, mediums, ghost hunters, authors, EVP experts, scientists, researchers, witches and other awakened individuals. Host: Bob Heske.

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Paranormal Society & Culture Docu

Afraid of Creepy Cryptids

June 16, 2021

Documentary filmmaker, adventurer and cryptid expert Aleksandar Petakov joins us to discuss his lat…

Documentary Society & Culture Paranormal

Afraid of Disclosure & Hudson Valley UFOs

May 30, 2021

Author, UFO expert and former research scientist Linda Zimmerman - author of over 30 books - joins …

Life After Death Spirituality

Afraid of Proof of the Afterlife

May 18, 2021

Afraid of Nothing means being fearless - even about our own imminent death. Dr. Piero Calvi-Pariset…

Afraid of The Double Murder Ghost Investigation

May 11, 2021

Double the murders, triple the guests! Tonight we unpack one of the strangest paranormal investigat…

Paranormal Demons Ghosts

Afraid of a Rockin' Good Ghost Story

April 27, 2021

Butch Gibson, lead singer for the band 3 and Twenty, joins Bob and co-host Cuyle Carvin to share an…

Religion & Spirituality Paranormal Life After Death

Afraid of Multiple Heavens

April 20, 2021

Author, DNA scientist Dr. Brent C. Satterfield shares his out of body experiences (OBE) visiting mu…

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