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Paranormal UFOs OBEs

Afraid of OBEs and UFOs

Jan. 11, 2022

Prolific author/researcher/experiencer Preston Dennett talks about out of body experiences (OBEs), UFOs, alien abductions and his latest book "Wondrous".

Afraid of Starting Your Own Podcast

Dec. 27, 2021

Spoiler Alert: This is not a paranormal episode ... but the content may be super relevant to you. Ever listen to your favorite podcast and think, "Hey, I'd like to do that"? Well, you can. This special out-of-the-box episode…

Films Symbolism Freemason

Afraid of Cinema Symbolism

Dec. 13, 2021

Best-selling author and radio-TV personality Robert W. Sullivan IV talks about Cinema Symbolism.


Afraid of Optimism

Dec. 8, 2021

Futurist, Author, Filmmaker, Public Speaker and bon vivant, Maxim Jago engages us with his philosophy and positive outlook on life, filmmaking and the future, as well as teasing his upcoming book "How to Be".

Guest: Maxim Jago
Life After Death Paranormal Autism Psychic

Afraid of Leaving the Darkness to Embrace the Light

Nov. 27, 2021

Autism Whisperer and Psychic Visionary William Stillman talks about his journey into the Light and his new book, The Practicing Psychic.

Life After Death Religion & Spirituality

Afraid of The Priest Who Sees Stuck Souls in His Sleep

Nov. 11, 2021

Roman Catholic Priest Father Nathan Castle talks about his "Afterlife, Interrupted" books and meeting stuck souls in his dreams.

Religion & Spirituality Gurus Mysticism Magic

Afraid of My Spiritual Journey

Oct. 31, 2021

In part two of our interview with actor Gene Silvers, we dive deep into psychedelics, gurus, mysticism and Gene's magic carpet journey to India.

Arts Religion & Spirituality Movies Reincarnation

Afraid of Movies, Magic and Mysticism

Oct. 22, 2021

Actor Gene Silvers talks about the yin yang of 2020 from personal loss, a near death skiing accident and breakthrough acting roles in THEM and THE MOSQUITO COAST, as well as his starring role in Bob Heske's indie film BLESSI…

Life After Death Life Medical Intuitive

Afraid of Medical Scanning

Sept. 28, 2021

Psychic and medical intuitive Julie Ryan covers it all: medical scanning, pet scanning, remote viewing and the 12 phases of transition for the dying. Julie also talks about her weekly call-in program "Ask Julie Ryan" and her…

Guest: Julie Ryan
Folklore Life After Death Religion & Spirituality

Afraid of Voices from Lily Dale 3

Sept. 22, 2021

JAN-KRIS-POW! We wrap our "Voices from Lily Dale" mini-series with Reverends Janice Dreshman and Kris Seastedt - a one-two punch of registered mediums and certified Fairyologists who also run a salt cave ( KRAN KAVE ) out of…

Life After Death Reli

Afraid of Voices from Lily Dale 2

Sept. 5, 2021

Medium Bonnie Page, a regular visitor to and teacher at Lily Dale, shares her experiences about the world's largest spiritualist community and on her personal mediumship journey.

Guest: Bonnie Page
Life After Death Religion & Spirituality

Afraid of Voices from Lily Dale

Aug. 27, 2021

Come with us on a virtual ghost walk as Rev. Ronald Skowronski unveils the spirits and history of Lily Dale, the world's largest spiritualist community.

Books Paranormal Society & Culture UFOs

Afraid of Eisenhower's Close Encounters

Aug. 6, 2021

Ever have interest in a subject but can't find a book on it? Tonight's guest took the initiative and wrote the book ... twice! Investigative author Paul Blake Smith joins me to discuss two of his meticulously researched book…

Books Demons Paranormal Religion & Spirituality

Afraid of Demonic Foes

Aug. 2, 2021

Think your job is challenging? In this episode we are joined by Dr. Richard Gallagher, author of "Demonic Foes: My Twenty-Five Years Investigating Possessions, Diabolical Attacks, and the Paranormal". Dr. Gallagher's book is…

Documentary Quantum Mechanics Science Society & Culture UFOs

Afraid of UAP and Science

July 8, 2021

Best-selling author and Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb returns to share his observations on the Pentagon UAP report and how scientists - not the military or politicians - are best qualified to survey the sky and collect mor…

Guest: Avi Loeb
Cryptids Documentary Paranormal Society & Culture

Afraid of Creepy Cryptids

June 16, 2021

Documentary filmmaker, adventurer and cryptid expert Aleksandar Petakov joins us to discuss his latest projects, experiences and favorite "monster" hot spots across New England.

Books Documentary Paranormal Society & Culture UFOs

Afraid of Disclosure & Hudson Valley UFOs

May 30, 2021

Author, UFO expert and former research scientist Linda Zimmerman - author of over 30 books - joins us to talk about disclosure and The Hudson Valley Wave, a proliferation of UFO sightings by hundreds to thousands of people d…

Books Life After Death Near Death Experiences (NDEs) Religion & Spirituality

Afraid of Proof of the Afterlife

May 18, 2021

Afraid of Nothing means being fearless - even about our own imminent death. Dr. Piero Calvi-Parisetti delivers what he believes to be definitive proof of the afterlife in his new book "Step Into the Light". Dr. Calvi-Pariset…

Books Ghosts Murder Paranormal Personal Ghost Story

Afraid of The Double Murder Ghost Investigation

May 11, 2021

Double the murders, triple the guests! Tonight we unpack one of the strangest paranormal investigations - The Double Murder Ghost Investigation - with the paranormal investigative team from Inspired Ghost Tracking in Marylan…

Demons Ghosts Paranormal Personal Ghost Story

Afraid of a Rockin' Good Ghost Story

April 27, 2021

Butch Gibson, lead singer for the band 3 and Twenty, joins Bob and co-host Cuyle Carvin to share an ultra strange ghost story. Special guest Mike Markowicz.

Books Life After Death Near Death Experiences (NDEs) Paranormal Religion & Spirituality

Afraid of Multiple Heavens

April 20, 2021

Author, DNA scientist Dr. Brent C. Satterfield shares his out of body experiences (OBE) visiting multiple heavens. A mind-blowing episode!

Documentary Paranormal

Afraid of Nothing Podcast Trailer

April 16, 2021

The official trailer for the Afraid of Nothing Podcast. SUPPORT THE PODCAST FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE/REVIEW... On our new website at afraidofnothingpodcast.com . WATCH… VIMEO ON DEMAND: Rent the Afraid of Nothing documentary here: h…

Documentary Ghosts Paranormal Personal Ghost Story

Afraid of Shadow People

April 6, 2021

Author, filmmaker, podcaster, ghostorian, paranormal investigator and TV celeb Mike Ricksecker joins us to talk about Shadow People - the topic of his new docuseries on Amazon Prime.

Books Folklore Paranormal Personal Ghost Story

Afraid of Vampires (Bonus Episode with Michelle Belanger)

March 29, 2021

Author, occult historian and medium Michelle Belanger revisits for this bonus episode about her experience as a psychic vampire.