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Sept. 28, 2021

Ode to Listener Reviews

Ode to Listener Reviews

You love your morning coffee, right? Well nothing fires the emotional brain neurons of a podcaster than starting our day with a 5-star rating and heart-warming review. And it's not just about us; your ratings and reviews mean soooo much more...

They Attract New Listeners.

Think of it this way: When looking for something new to listen to, you want to know that it's worth your time, right? Well, ratings and reviews help connect potential listeners with new podcasts - like this one - by telling them up front how great the content is and the cool guests that are on the show.

Listeners Rate and Review the Podcast. 

Ratings and reviews are helpful to new listeners as they explore podcasts they might want to subscribe to. When a listener rates a podcast, it helps create the podcast's average rating. When a listener writes a positive review, it adds more credibility and explains why he/she/they gave the podcast the 5-star rating.

It's Fast and Easy to Leave a Rating/Review.

Just go to this link and leave a review. You can also leave a review on Apple Podcasts. It's a few extra clicks but has a bigger audience that will read and respond to your rating/review. Consider it a Super Bowl ad for this podcast!

Yes, Your Ratings and Reviews Really, Really Matter.

OMG, do you have any idea how important you are? For the Afraid of Nothing Podcast, ratings and reviews are invaluable in helping new listeners to understand what they are missing out on and to join in on all the paranormal fun. Ratings and reviews pay dividends, especially in apps where they count towards charting or discovery. I am not going to explain that last sentence; but trust me - it's good. Finally, podcast ratings and reviews matter because they're social proof. Think of them as part of our podcast's packaging.

What's In It for Me?

Leaving a positive review shows your love, and is mucho appreciated. So much so that your glorious name and review will be read on an upcoming episode (unless your name is something profane like "John F-wad"). It also fires up your "gee, it feels good to be nice" endorphins and gets you one step closer on the stairway to Heaven.
So in closing - a big THANK YOU - for kindly leaving a review. People listen to you, after all, and it drives the show's growth. Yes, devoted podcast listener - you DO matter, as much as that beloved morning cup of Joe.