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April 27, 2021

Afraid of a Rockin' Good Ghost Story

Afraid of a Rockin' Good Ghost Story

Butch Gibson, lead singer for the band 3 and Twenty, joins Bob and co-host Cuyle Carvin to share an ultra strange ghost story. Special guest Mike Markowicz.

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People tell me their ghost stories. And tonight we have a humdinger.

My sometimes co-host Cuyle Carvin joins me to interview Butch Gibson, lead singer of the band 3 and Twenty. A few years back Butch and his wife spent an evening at Cuyle's Air BnB in Atlanta. Butch is a Walking Dead fan and he and Cuyle (who was in The Walking Dead) hit it off.

As the night wore on into the wee hours of the morning, Butch shared a personal ghost story and we're bringing it to your here.

Be forewarned -- listen to the very end. Because we have some nifty bonus material you won't want to miss out on. And that catchy tune in the opening? That's a clip of "Wasted on Me" - one of the many great songs by 3 and Twenty. Thank you Butch, for letting us use it to open the show!

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Special thanksto our surprise guest, Michael Markowicz, an EVP expert and paranormal experiencer who was featured in the documentary Afraid of Nothing.



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Cuyle CarvinProfile Photo

Cuyle Carvin

Actor, Seeker and Afraid of Nothing Podcast Co-Host

A product of upstate NY, Cuyle has spent time living and working in New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta. Most recently wrapping a significant role in 2019 Academy Award Winner, Kevin Willmott's next film, The 24th. Carvin also recently worked alongside Tom Cruise in American Made, and his character on The Walking Dead holds the dubious record on the show for "most kills by a non main character" with 34 victims. Cuyle has guest starred and appeared in more than thirty prime time and network television shows and recently made his big screen debut alongside of Tom Cruise in American Made.

He was a coveted athlete throughout his schooling years, although he rarely spent much time on any one team, rather choosing to switch the sports he played each year.

Cuyle is a passionate activist for the environment and also animal rights. He's also deeply interested in the world of the paranormal - making time for investigations whenever possible. He's an avid adventurer, with plans to hike the entirety of the Appalachian trail in the near future. He's also a major nerd at heart. He loves playing Magic the Gathering, Catan, and any fantasy or adventure table top game, or especially RPG video games. He has an affinity for all things horror and the macabre.

Butch GibsonProfile Photo

Butch Gibson

Lead Singer, 3 and Twenty

3 and Twenty's music transcends the limited boundaries of traditional and contemporary genres. It is Country Music at its highest evolutionary level that cross reverberates with a unique blend of Pop, R&B, Southern Rock, and Hip Hop. Combine their undying passion for song writing with a high energy, must see live show, and you have something that can't be explained... it must be experienced.

Founded by longtime bandmates and business partners, Adrian Lee and Butch Gibson, in January 2010 in a small home studio on a backwoods country road (Three and Twenty Road) in Easley, South Carolina. Lee and Gibson were hell-bent on writing real, heartfelt, music that embodies their life experiences while striving to create a sound that is new and fresh, yet familiar, but also different enough that you really can't compare them to anybody, but try to compare them to everybody.

The real-life storylines and true musicianship are penetratingly relevant to all who hunger and thirst for honesty and realism in what 3 and Twenty believes matters most... the MUSIC. Beyond what is known as a "rags to riches" journey, 3 and Twenty's pursuit of perfection in their music presents the listener with an insightful maturity combined with the simplicity of raw emotion, confidently delivered by two small town seasoned music veterans that have spent over two decades perfecting their craft.

Through years of persistent grass roots campaigns and as direct support for national headliners 3 and Twenty has become a regional and national touring powerhouse with a professional and hard working reputation that garners the utmost respect from their fans, peers, agents, and venue owners. From national tours to writing with some of the best songwriters in Nashville over the past three years, 3 and Twenty is poised to make some serious noise in an industry that is craving authenticity and originality.