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Feb. 11, 2023

Afraid of Alien Abduction Hypno Regression

Afraid of Alien Abduction Hypno Regression

Another two-for-one show! Hypno Therapist and Regressionist Leslie Mitchell-Clarke joins us with her prize patient -- Wes G. Roberts, an alien abduction experiencer.

Listen in for the highlights but to get the story, buy the book of their extraordinary  experience:

INTERSECTIONS: A True Story of Extra-Terrestrial Contact


Lesley Mitchell-Clarke is a Toronto based Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who specializes in in a number of modalities, including working with individuals who feel that they have had experiences with extra-terrestrial beings. Most of this fascinating work, as well as Metaphysical Therapies such as Past Life and Inter life Regression takes place at Lesley’s Toronto hypnosis clinic, Lightwork Hypnosis.

 Prior to her work in hypnotherapy, Lesley has also had a busy career as an actor/dancer/vocalist, and for the past twenty plus years, she has also been a top jazz and arts media consultant, with an array of Grammy and JUNO-winning clients as well as major jazz festivals and record labels. Lesley is currently the Director of LMC Media, with offices both in Toronto and Lesley’s home town of New York City. She is also a busy arts writer, contributing regularly to a variety of publications.

Her website is lightworkhypnosis.com.


A 30-year contract college professor, Wes Roberts had hints of alien visitations dating back to his teens. Through often frustrating nighttime experiences, then because of a consciously recalled experience in the 1980s, Wes eventually became convinced his experiences could not be explained away by conventional theories.

Books by Wes G. Roberts:

  • Intersections: A True Story of Extraterrestrial Contact
  • An Experiencer’s Garden

His website is  wesgroberts.com.

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