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Aug. 14, 2022

Afraid of Bitcoin

Afraid of Bitcoin

What is so paranormal about bitcoin, you say?

For most of us it falls into the category of "the unexplained" and "high strangeness". Even bitcoin's inventor remains unknown.

Fear not, Afraid of Nothing listeners. We lift the veil and help simplify bitcoin and digital assets. We also discuss a few of Darcy's other documentaries with actual paranormal themes.

So give it a listen  -- but remember: this content is for educational and entertainment purposes. It does not constitute, nor should it be interpreted as, investment advice. Cryptocurrency is extremely volatile and high risk. Do your own research or consult an investment professional such as a reputable wealth manager or financial advisor before deciding to invest. Again, this episode is for information only and is not investing advice.


Darcy Weir has completed over 10 feature length documentaries which are all available through TubiTV and Amazon Prime. He recently completed a new documentary based on the history of Bitcoin to date called "The Bitcoin Field Guide: Understanding Cryptocurrency".

Darcy is also known for Being Taken - Director's Cut (2021) (2018), Beyond The Spectrum (2017) and The Underground (2021).

Darcy's website is occultjourneys com.

A listing of Darcy's films can also be found on IMDB.



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