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March 23, 2020

Afraid of Cursed Objects

Afraid of Cursed Objects

Danny Perez, investigator and archivist of the unexplained, talks about his experiences taking cursed objects off people's hands.

Ever want to ditch that demonic doll, cursed dybbuk box or possessed bedroom mirror? Who ya gonna call? In episode 11, we talk to Danny Perez (AKA "Danny Radikal") about collecting cursed objects, ghost hunting at Lizzie Borden and driving a hearse named after the first corpse it carried ("Vincent"). Yeah, there's a story behind that ... In the last part we are joined by Danny's partner in crime, Lauren McMenemy, who is president of MassConn Pararnormal and "the ying to Danny's yang".

To check out Danny's Museum of Wonders and Oddities, custom Ouija "blood boards", Radikal Red Devil BBQ sauces and Blended Peanut Butters, and other guilty pleasures, visit www.dannyradikal.com.

To get help with a house clearing or rid yourself of dark entitities, visit www.massconnparanormal.com.


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The RadikalsProfile Photo

The Radikals

Investigators and Archivists of the Unknown

Lauren and Danny, otherwise known as "The Radikals", primarily deal in residential cases that may require a specific approach based on negative aspects of the situation. To that end, they often work with people specializing in exorcism or demonology.

Lauren's interest in the paranormal goes back to her younger days when movies and TV began to inform the public more about the field of paranormal research. She began her own work in 2012 and, along with her daughter, formed MassConn Paranormal in 2015. Lauren is also a sensitive and continues to home her abilities to better help people understand what they are dealing with in terms of supernatural activity.

Danny's interest in the paranormal goes back to the 1980s, but took a more serious turn when he met famed investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Since then, his passion has been geared toward helping those in need of help. While he considers himself an objective skeptic, he always keeps an open mind when approaching claims of the supernatural. Danny is also an accomplished photographer, skilled maker of Ouija boards as well as his own brand of dipping sauces and peanut butters.