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Oct. 31, 2021

Afraid of My Spiritual Journey

Afraid of My Spiritual Journey

In part two of our interview with actor Gene Silvers, we dive deep into psychedelics, gurus, mysticism and Gene's magic carpet journey to India.

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Gene Silvers - The Second Act.

A true actor, Gene left us on a cliffhanger in part 1. In this episode Gene takes Bob and Cuyle along his spiritual journey - from New York City to India and back ... and throws in some magic. What a trip!

About Gene Silvers

Gene was born and raised in Long Beach, NY.  After an epiphany on stage, Gene decided he wanted to be an actor. Years later he was working on TV and on stage in NYC. Several appearances on Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, Third Watch, Guiding Light, and then on Broadway in 2009 for “Irena’s Vow” - a play about the Holocaust starring Tovah Feldshuh.

Most recently he booked two big roles: Elder Luther in Amazon Prime's “Them” which was the number 1 show on Amazon for several weeks, as well as Sheriff “Gene Silvers” on Apple plus TVs “Mosquito Coast.

A magician, photographer and avid skier, Gene also has an interest in mysticism and has lived in India in an Ashram for long periods of time.

Contact Gene Silvers

To get in touch with actor Gene Silvers, find him on Facebook. And to contact him about photography in Los Angeles or New York City, visit his website. For magic show bookings, listen to the end of the podcast to get Gene's email - that's right, we want you to listen to the very end!

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Cuyle CarvinProfile Photo

Cuyle Carvin

Actor, Seeker and Afraid of Nothing Podcast Co-Host

A product of upstate NY, Cuyle has spent time living and working in New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta. Most recently wrapping a significant role in 2019 Academy Award Winner, Kevin Willmott's next film, The 24th. Carvin also recently worked alongside Tom Cruise in American Made, and his character on The Walking Dead holds the dubious record on the show for "most kills by a non main character" with 34 victims. Cuyle has guest starred and appeared in more than thirty prime time and network television shows and recently made his big screen debut alongside of Tom Cruise in American Made.

He was a coveted athlete throughout his schooling years, although he rarely spent much time on any one team, rather choosing to switch the sports he played each year.

Cuyle is a passionate activist for the environment and also animal rights. He's also deeply interested in the world of the paranormal - making time for investigations whenever possible. He's an avid adventurer, with plans to hike the entirety of the Appalachian trail in the near future. He's also a major nerd at heart. He loves playing Magic the Gathering, Catan, and any fantasy or adventure table top game, or especially RPG video games. He has an affinity for all things horror and the macabre.

Gene SilversProfile Photo

Gene Silvers

Actor / Magician / Photographer / Spiritualist

Born by the ocean, in Long Beach NY, Gene Silvers started his performing career at a very young age as a professional magician , eventually performing for such celebrities as Robert DeNiro and Julia Roberts. This led to an interest in acting. After booking many prime-time TV parts, Gene landed a breakthrough role as the misunderstood, Raymond Hobbs , the guest lead in an Emmy Submitted Law and Order, which became an all time favorite episode (called "DR-1-102"). Many TV and indie roles followed, including being directed by Oscar winner Juan Campanella in Law and Order; SVU. Another breakthrough came on a Broadway stage in 2009 where he played Lazar Haller, the tortured Jewish leader in the critically lauded "Irena's Vow", with Tony-nominated Tovah Feldshuh. He also was nominated as "Outstanding Actor in a Lead Role" by the New York Innovative Theater Awards for his work as the lead character in Dan Gordon's "Murder in the First".

On an another note, Gene's interest in mysticism led him to live in India for a while to become immersed in the great spiritual traditions of that country. He spent much time there studying meditation and photographing that incredible place. Photography another of his interests, can be seen at www.genesilversphotography.com ,