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Jan. 20, 2020

Afraid of Shaman's Journey

Afraid of Shaman's Journey

Brad "Little Frog" Hudson shares his reawakening to shamanism in mid life.

In episode 2, we revisit with Shaman Brad "Little Frog" Hudson, exploring his shamanic journey from rock merchandiser to spiritual teacher and healer. Brad's unique approach to demonic depossession - and his unlikely awakening to shamanism - were also featured in the award-winning indie documentary "Afraid of Nothing", soon to be released on digital streaming platforms.
Brad's website is www.littlefroghealing.com.


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Brad Hudson


Hello! My name is Brad Little Frog and I am a Shamanic Practitioner. My compassionate helping spirits and I perform spiritual healing on people and animals, both locally and long distance. You don't have to be sitting next to me for my work to be effective. In fact, most of my work is remote work- I have clients all over the world. I work in non-ordinary reality with my helping spirits so we travel to your spirit no matter your location.

Shamanism, among other things, is an ancient spiritual healing technique used for tens of thousands of years by our ancestors around the globe. Essentially shamanic healing is the spiritual healing of a physical manifestation. Every physical or emotional problem has a spiritual component, and this spiritual aspect must be healed for complete physical healing to occur.

Every tribe or village had one or more shamans whose role was to provide for the wellness and safety of the tribe. The shaman was the intermediary between the spirit world and the physical world, and he kept the two worlds in balance. Part doctor, part medium, part meteorologist, part pharmacist, part diviner, the shaman performed many essential tasks for his tribe. While some of this information has been lost over the past few millenia, shamanic practitioners like myself keep the knowledge alive for everyone's benefit.