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March 21, 2022

Afraid of Spooky Southcoast and Midnight Society

Afraid of Spooky Southcoast and Midnight Society
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This episode really is for me as I get to listen and learn from a seasoned paranormal radio talk show host, podcaster, investigator, author and public speaker. But you're gonna love it too.

Tim Weisberg, self proclaimed "Professional Weirdo" (it's right on his business card, folks), has been a mainstay in paranormal radio and podcasting since 2006. With thousands of hours of programming and hundreds of guests, Tim is a walking rolodex of high strangeness and the unexplained. I like to refer to Tim as "the Joe Rogan of paranormal radio and podcasting" — and I hope it sticks!


Tim is the host, creator and executive producer of the award-winning Spooky Southcoast, one of the world's most popular paranormal radio programs. Since 2020, Tim has also hosted Midnight Society on Midnight.Fm, a subscription service for paranormal junkies. In addition, he is an associate producer on TV's Haunted Towns and Ghost Asylum, as well as the writer/researcher for Ghost Stalkers. Tim is also the author of Ghosts of the SouthCoast and co-author of Haunted Objects: Ghosts on Your Shelf, and has contributed to books such as Picture Yourself Ghost Hunting and publications such as FATE Magazine.

A frequent contributor to paranormal television series and specials, Tim has been featured on programs such as Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures and Most Terrifying Places in America, History Channel's MonsterQuest, BIO Channel's My Ghost Story and LIVING TV's Conversations with a Serial Killer. Tim was recently featured on the documentary Famously Haunted: Amityville — a Tubi original.

Email Tim at tim@spookysouthcoast.com, follow him on Twitter @TimWeisberg and check out his radio show at www.spookysouthcoast.com and through the Spooky Southcoast app.


This episode is sponsored by The Haunting Unearthly and Paranormal Stories podcast. Tune in weekly for a new and scary story submitted by actual listeners and curated by Damien Thorn. If you have a story to share, email hupspodcast@yahoo.com or visit the website at www.hupspodcast.com to listen and subscribe.



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