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March 28, 2020

Afraid of The Conjuring House (Part 1: Walk-thru)

Afraid of The Conjuring House (Part 1: Walk-thru)

Pyschic medium Luis Escalera and EVP expert John Huntingon are featured during this daytime investigation of the infamous Farm on Road Top Hill (the Conjuring house).

Episode 12 finds us - in the midst of a global pandemic - at the Holy Grail of ghost haunts: The Conjuring House.

As fate would have it, the iconic farm house is only 20 minutes from where I was temporarily staying as I wait to move into my new house. Thanks to paraceleb pals Marion Luoma (episode 8) and Ken and Memie Watson (episode 9) I was able to trail spirit medium Luis Escalera and caretaker John Huntington during a walk-thru.

Fortunately it was during the day as Luis said, "I would not come back here at night." I concur.

Enjoy the show ... and I promise to drop the second shoe - Episode Lucky 13 with the "reveal" - where John Harrington tells Luis how he did (spoiler - he was amazing!).

Thanks to ... Special shout out to Luis, who normally does not do interviews or be taped. Thank you for putting your trust in me. Also thanks to Cory and Jennifer Heinzen, the owners who were in Maine and John Huntington for your graciousness.

To find the Conjuring House on Facebook search for "The Farm on Round Top Road" or click here: https://www.facebook.com/theoldfarmonroundtoproad/

To check out John Huntington's YouTube channel with spirit box videos, click here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa4xyikTHDeBsTa57hKZWYQ


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Luis EscaleraProfile Photo

Luis Escalera

Spirit Medium

Studied Mediumship, Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Connecting with Spirit Guides at The Art of Mediumship.

John HuntingtonProfile Photo

John Huntington

EVP specialist and Paranormal Investigator

Dubbed "Poppa John" where he gained celebrity status during the Conjuring House livestream produced by The Dark Zone TV in 2020 (https://thedarkzone.tv/), John is a skilled EVP expert, paranormal investigator and part-time resident at the Farm on Round Top Road (the haunted farmhouse that inspired the Conjuring horror film franchise).