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Nov. 24, 2020

Afraid of The Spooky Stuff

Afraid of The Spooky Stuff

Paranormal investigator, author and blogger Alex Matsuo shares The Spooky Stuff.

Author, Blogger and Ghost Hunter Alex Matsuo joins us to discuss "The Spooky Stuff".  Alex shares insights from her latest book, The Brave Mortal's Guide to Ghost Hunting, and scares up some of her residential and personal ghost hunting experiences - including haunts from her favorite theater, origin stories from her house growing up, present-day encounters in her current apartment and an emotional visit from her mom. We also break down her recent controversial post "15 Things Paranormal Investigators Should Stop Making a Big Deal About" and close with a paranormal word association game and Alex's tips for buying the right gift for ghost hunters on Black Friday.

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Alex MatsuoProfile Photo

Alex Matsuo

Paranormal Research and Author

Alex Matsuo is a paranormal researcher, singer, and author. She is the founder of the Association of Paranormal Study and runs the blog and YouTube channel, “The Spooky Stuff.” If it’s weird, spooky, unusual, scary, macabre, or haunted, she wants to write and talk about it!

Alex was recently seen on Travel Channel’s “Most Terrifying Places in America.” In addition, she is the host of the podcasts, The Spooky Stuff, and Informal Paranormal. Alex has written several books about the paranormal including, The Brave Mortal’s Guide to Ghost Hunting, The Haunting of the Tenth Avenue Theatre, More than Ghosts: A Guide to Working Residential Cases in the Paranormal Field, and The Haunted Actor.