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April 19, 2021

Afraid of ... Vampires?

Afraid of ... Vampires?

Vampires exist. They're just different than what you'd expect.

Recently I had mystic, author, demon folklore expert and occultist Michelle Belanger on my podcast. You can listen to the episode here.

We talked longer than I have done with any previous guest because, well, she's so damn interesting. The last 20-30 minutes were about Michelle's discovery that she was a psychic vampire, which means she feeds off energy and not blood. This happened when she was a child and was something that made her family uncomfortable to discuss at the dinner table. So Michelle's evolution was mostly through self discovery. Yes, she's a self-taught vampire and she's written books on the ethos and ethics for the psychic vampire subculture which you can peruse here. During our discussion she shared insights on how psychic vampires feed, what it is like to be one, that garlic isn't a deterrent and how average Joe's like yours cruelly can protect ourselves from being nibbled on.

Oh, and residual energy at haunted locations? Psychic vampires can feed off of that too - in fact, it is what helps them to be in-tuned investigators. And ghosts can also feed off human energy which makes them ... paranormal vampires? Yikes, they're everywhere.

Confused? Frightened? Oddly intrigued?

Check out my bonus episode - Afraid of Vampires - to sink your teeth into the rest of the story. You can also visit Michelle's website to check out her penned library of vampire books, visit House Kheperu (House of Transformation) which Michelle founded in 1996 or go to her patreon site for access to a wide array of resources.