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June 24, 2021

UFOs or Illusion? Your Truth is Out There.

UFOs or Illusion? Your Truth is Out There.

Photo by Michael Herren on Unsplash.

The "coming soon" landmark Pentagon UFO report is a multi-edged sword. What you believe depends on which way you cut it.

It will likely report that the objects routinely spotted almost daily near military bases, interrupting military maneuvers and popping up and descending into the ocean with nary a ripple are truly "unidentified" -- meaning they are not ours, and likely not tech from China and Russia (whom the U.S. outspends by two times more on defense budgets).

Are these UFOs manned by little green men or are they space probes driven by uber-AI, from a civilization extinguished eons ago ... leaving the remnants of their technology to live on like Oumuamua which buzzed our solar system in 2017?

Assuming the UFOs are not ours, do they pose any threat? And would such a threat usher a global community putting aside our differences and aligning valiantly against a Great Unknown? Or ...

...Is it a Great Hoax designed to divert us from disturbing "truths" here on Earth like Covid-19 or stolen elections ... or a vehicle to fake an alien invasion with advanced holographs in the sky, luring us into the suffocating safety blanket of a single global economy ruled by the Deep State?

Are the UFOs even from this universe? Are they from a fourth dimension which we catch blips of, like a glitz in the matrix? Are they good, evil or demonic?

As a somewhat spiritual bloke, I look for the silver lining around these hovering orbs. After all, I am here - now - my existence a needle in the haystack of eternity ... but dammit, there must be a reason. Will something magical transpire to add purpose to my being?

There are soooo many screenplays we could craft from this. But THE END is personal. What truth - or conspiracy theory - will you choose to believe?