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Jan. 27, 2021

Afraid of The Hinsdale House

Afraid of The Hinsdale House

Paranormal investigator Daniel Klaes talks about why he bought one of the most haunted houses and properties in the country - the Hinsdale House farmhouse in New York.

Have you ever wanted to buy a haunted house? Tonight's guest has bought two. Daniel Klaes, a paranormal author and investigator, purchased his haunted childhood home to re-confront the ghosts of his past. More recently Daniel purchased the infamous Hinsdale house in 2015 and has made it accessible to the public.

The back story...

The haunted house in Hinsdale, perhaps the most famous haunted house in New York, has all the elements of a good ghost story: a mysterious history, strange sightings, unexplainable events and even an exorcism. The house on McMahon Road first gained notoriety when a book, “Echoes of a Haunting,” was written by Clara Miller/Dandy.

Clara and Phil Dandy lived in the house along with their children in the early 1970s.  During their time there, the Dandy family were visited by many spirits. Father Alphonsus, a priest from St. Bonaventure University, was at the house more than once to perform an exorcism. It worked for awhile, but as time went by, the Dandy family lost the battle and ended up leaving the house for good.

In 2006 an episode of “A Haunting” aired on the Discovery Channel, based on the Dandy family and their experiences. As the years passed by, a few families have lived in the home but didn’t stay for long.  The last occupants of the Hinsdale House were Joe and Florence Misnik, who passed away a few months from one another.

In 2015, Daniel Klaes put in a bid to save the deteriorated structure from being torn down -- preserving the 200 year-old farm house for future generations of paranormal researchers and enthusiasts.

Daniel's website is www.danielklaes.com.



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Daniel KlaesProfile Photo

Daniel Klaes

Paranormal Investigator, Author and Media Personality

Daniel has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal field since he was a child. He was raised in a haunted house. In 2012, he co-founded the Greater Western New York Paranormal Society which was responsible for tackling some of the most challenging paranormal cases in the New York region.

Daniel is a long-time film producer of “Behind the Shadows”, a documentary film series, viewed internationally. He is also executive producer on two weekly live radio shows; “Live with Legendary Psychic Bernice Golden” and “Phenomena Encountered”. Both shows are known for garnering thousands of views each episode,

In June of 2015, Daniel realized his lifelong dream. The infamous “Hinsdale House”, a homesite of mysterious paranormal insect infestation activity and historical structural exorcisms, which has been featured in different books and featured on national network television series, became available for purchase. Wasting no time, he made an offer that was accepted and he became it’s proud owner.

The 1853 “Hinsdale House” is currently staged in its 1970’s period dressing in order to maintain its integrity from that era when the haunting’s began. The home is currently used as a paranormal research location.