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April 26, 2021

5 ways to help this podcast and improve your odds in the Afterlife*

5 ways to help this podcast and improve your odds in the Afterlife*
  1. Subscribe - Click the subscribe button to know when ever I post a new episode (usually every other Wednesday). Sometimes I post bonus episodes, so you'll be privy to these when they go live too.

  2. Rate Show - Go to the "Leave A Review" page and follow the prompts. Easy-peasy. Oh, and it really helps if you give the show 5 stars and write a brief review. Here are a few examples to inspire you.

  3. Share - Like an episode? Share it with your friends. For example, our "Afraid of Connecting to Your Pet on the Other Side" episode has a crazy amount of downloads - four times more than the next most popular episode. So if you liked this episode and have a friend who recently lost a pet, share the link ... as well as other Rob Gutro episodes (AKA The Pet Psychic).

  4. Watch - Yes, I know its an audio podcast but there is a companion documentary streaming online - also called "Afraid of Nothing" - which you can see at Amazon Prime, Vimeo on Demand and Qosm.

  5. Caffeine - Not a typo. Click the "Donate" link to buy this poor Popper a cup of Joe. Or click here for a fast track. 

*Okay, this won't really help your odds in the Afterlife, but if the headline got you to read the post and support the podcast, at least you can feel better about yourself. :-)