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Rob Gutro

Pet Psychic, Paranormal Investigator and Author

In addition to being an author, I'm a scientist and I'm a member of Inspired Ghost Tracking paranormal group where I am a medium on the team. I've become known as a Pet Medium, although I connect with people and pets My books teach others how to recognize signs from people and pets who have passed. (Once you read them you won't need to pay a medium). I write books about my experiences and explain the paranormal in terms of energy.

I write these books to bring understanding and healing to people.

I have made the distinction between a Ghost and Spirit and why it's Important to know, and how they all use energies (physical and emotional) to convey messages. On investigations I sketch out what ghosts look like. I teach people how to protect themselves, why ghosts stay, what ghosts can do, what spirits can do, when spirits of our loved one visit us and all the signs to look for. I explain why ghosts are stuck in one place. I've run into ghosts in many places, including vacations.

One of my big focuses is on PETS. I had a dog that was tragically killed as a puppy and who became the world's best canine communicator. He opened the door for other dogs and cats to give messages for others that I've proven over and over. I give fundraising lectures at animal rescues, and do pet readings.

I've had this gift since I was a teenager, when my grandfather appeared to me 6 months after he passed.

Afraid of The Linville Manor

Aug. 23, 2022

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Ghosts of the Bird Cage Theatre

April 24, 2022

Medium, paranormal investigator and best-selling Amazon author Rob Gutro is back to talk about his latest book, Ghosts of the Bird Cage Theatre on a Medium's Vacation.

Guest: Rob Gutro
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May 11, 2021

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Afraid of Pets and the Afterlife 3

March 7, 2021

Pet Psychic, Author and Paranormal Investigator Rob Gutro comes back to the show to talk about his latest book, Pets and the Afterlife 3.

Guest: Rob Gutro
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Afraid of All this Negative Energy

Dec. 29, 2020

Mediums Ruthie Larkin and Rob Gutro join me to talk about how to shake off the negative energy from 2020.

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Afraid of Contacting Your Pet on the Other Side

Aug. 8, 2020

Hey Rover, come on over! Episode 25 is one of a kind, but one that touches many of us: communicating with pets who have passed over. Do pets go to Heaven? Will they meet us when we pass? What signs do they give us to let us …

Guest: Rob Gutro