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"A Small-Town Girl With a Special Gift"

I was born into a family of mediums, mystics, and psychics on my mother’s side of the family. Having conscious memories of the spirit world since the age of four, as I got older, I felt drawn to work with my gifts to help others on their life’s journey and create a healing place. I have received extensive training to polish my gift, seeking guidance from some of the most renowned mediums in the United States and the U.K. I have studied at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in Stansted England as well as here in the United States. My studies have included teachers Tony Stockwell, Lynn Probert, James Van Praagh, John Holland, Lynn Probert, and many more amazing teachers.

Today, I am happy to share my gifts and training with others. My readings include mediumship (talking to your Loved Ones), Psychic Intuitive (Intuitive means, Voice of the Divine,) Divine including God, Angels, and your Spirit Guides. Mystics directly connect with the Divine, bringing you insight and knowledge with a healing aspect to every reading. This work for me is all done with Healing as the primary goal.

I was inspired to do God’s work by comforting those who need to hear from a Loved One or gain insight into their journey here on earth. My compassion, wisdom, and calming nature allow my clients to feel comfortable and at ease while receiving evidential proof of a loved one’s presence.

As a Certified Spiritual Life Coach… Certified by James Van Praagh and as a Licensed minister in the state of Mass. I hope to bring Healing and guidance to every reading. Proving life is Eternal and Everlasting, and we are never alone.

As the author of Ask the Psychic and Ask the Medium Next Door, I answer questions and deliver real-life spiritual happenings that I have experienced. I opened Messages from Heaven and Mystical Magical Marketplace as a place to learn, connect and grow on your spiritual journey. I am the Host and producer of Ask the Medium Next Door and can be seen on TV and YouTube.

Afraid of Voices from Lily Dale 2
Life After Death Reli

Afraid of Voices from Lily Dale 2

Sept. 5, 2021

Medium Bonnie Page, a regular visitor to and teacher at Lily Dale, shares her experiences about the world's largest spiritualist community and on her personal mediumship journey.

Guest: Bonnie Page