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Brandie Wells

Compassionate Clairvoyant

“Healing your past; revealing your potential.”

My name is Brandie Wells, also known as the Compassionate Clairvoyant. I am an Angelic Healer and Psychic Medium. I am a featured psychic on the International Best Psychic Directory with more than 300 positive reviews. I recently was on set to film an episode of a new series, “Psychic Expert,” which aired on the Travel Channel in May 2019. I am the former host of International radio network, Ask 1 Radio, for three years running. As a renowned Psychic Medium, I expose clients to the light and darkness of the soul from the paranormal field through the angelic realms. I serve about 4,500 clients a year.

I am proprietor of two businesses under BW Enterprises, LLC.

The first is Soul Emporium Keene, a downtown retail store where I offer high-vibration goods (metaphysical, local, handmade and Fair Trade) for sale as well as hold private sessions and lead workshops focusing on various topics.

My second business is The 555 Paranormal Productions, which offers the science and psychic of paranormal investigating in a historic location. When I investigate, my primary tools are dowsing rods, EMF, EVP, flashlights and spirit box. I work with some of the best-known inventors of paranormal equipment in the field. I am also a table tipper and known for channeling and physical mediumship.

My goal when investigating is to hear the story of spirit. Through my respectful curiosity, I naturally draw in spirit to communicate in a variety of ways.

Afraid of Hypnosis and the Psychic Eye
Life After Death Paranormal Personal Ghost Story

Afraid of Hypnosis and the Psychic Eye

April 28, 2020

Compassionate clairvoyant Brandie Wells talks about hypnosis, hauntings and helping clients remotely during a pandemic.