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Maxim Jago

Futurist / Author / Filmmaker / Public Speaker

Maxim Jago is an award winning Filmmaker, best-selling Author, consultant Futurist, Director of The Creativity Conference, and an International Public Speaker. He presents an engaging optimistic-realist perspective on personal development and collective endeavour.

Maxim is currently engaged in three feature film projects that include virtual reality storytelling elements, a practical philosophy book intended to offer actionable approaches to living a purposive and fulfilling life, hosting the next Creativity Conference, editing his Directorial Debut Feature Film, ‘It’s Haunted’, consulting for technology clients, and preparing a series of new books exploring emerging trends from a Futurist perspective due to be published by IEEE-USA.

Afraid of Optimism

Afraid of Optimism

Dec. 8, 2021

Futurist, Author, Filmmaker, Public Speaker and bon vivant, Maxim Jago engages us with his philosophy and positive outlook on life, filmmaking and the future, as well as teasing his upcoming book "How to Be".

Guest: Maxim Jago