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Michelle Freed

Producer, Podcaster, Remote Viewing Instructor and Paranormal Talent Publicist

Michelle’s unique blend of patience, creativity, and intuition, along with the belief that each person already has everything they need to accomplish their potential enables Michelle to excel as a talented Hypnotist and an exceptional Remote Viewer.

Michelle is a graduate of the Alternative Practitioner Academy in Arlington Heights, IL and received certification from the National Guild of Hypnotism. She serves as an example of someone who is doing the work they love and do best: helping people achieve their true desires, create harmony, and a sense of inner peace and well-being. She achieves this through utilizing a blend of her skills as a hypnotist, clairvoyant, and remote viewer.​

She completed the beginning, intermediate, and advanced training programs through the International School of Clairvoyance, where she learned to integrate her intuitive gifts with her hypnosis skills.​

Michelle is a talented remote viewer and remote viewing instructor. Fully-certified in all forms of Controlled Remote Viewing, She completed the beginning through advanced training programs through Right Hemisphere, Intuitive Specialists, APP, and received additional training from Joe McMoneagle.​

Michelle is a prominent member of IRVA (International Remote Viewing Association) and received the Warcollier Prize for 2017. She is a member of APP (Applied Precognition Project) and the National Guild of Hypnotists. She has Research related to Remote Viewing and Parapsychology Published with The Journal of Psychical Research, The Parapsychology Association, and Eight Martinis Magazine. Michelle works on special remote viewing projects with IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences).​

Michelle finds nothing more thrilling in life then helping others to get in touch with the core of who they really are, to hear what their innermost hearts are whispering (or sometimes screaming!) and to uncover peoples’ hidden potentials. Michelle is always challenging her students/clients to look inside and see things from different perspectives.​

Michelle is featured in the Documentary Third Eye Spies and appears on an episode of Ancient Aliens.

Finally, visitors may recognize Michelle as the producer for the Midnight Society Radio Show! If you aren't a current listener or subscriber, check out the show here where you can connect with her as well.

Afraid of Remote Viewing, Hypnosis and Art Bell
Remote Viewing

Afraid of Remote Viewing, Hypnosis and Art Bell

June 15, 2022

Michelle Freed is a radio program producer, publicist for paranormal talent, controlled remote viewing coach, licensed hypnotherapist and more. Originally Michelle contacted me to help book guests for the show. When I lea…