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Rev. Peter Panagore

Author, NDE Experiencer

Rev. Peter Panagore was recruited to TV as the fifth minister of America’s oldest religious broadcast. Peter’s two-minute spot aired for 15 years just before the morning weather on NewsCenterMaine on two NBC stations reaching 80k viewers a day. Previously, Peter served in New England as a United Church of Christ minister. His Audible Best Seller, Heaven Is Beautiful, has been optioned for a film. His first book, Two Minutes for God, is a nondenominal devotional drawn from his 1700 TV stories. He is working on his third book build around his talk and provides mentoring to spiritual seekers worldwide.

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Afraid of An Icy NDE - Heaven is Beautiful

Dec. 11, 2022

Peter Panagore has died - twice - and lived to tell about it in his best-selling book "Heaven is Beautiful", soon to be a major motion picture.